With the current design (v2) of JSPWiki, some part of text presented to the user is fix in the template files. As concequence templates are language specific.

If you want to use JSPWiki on a Webpage for German speaking users, you may install this "german language pack". It consists of two parts: The template files and the sample pages.


To install it, do the following (assuming you have already JSPWiki installed):

  • download german templates (e.g. JSPWiki-templates-german.zip(info)) and sample pages (JSPWiki-samplepages_german.zip(info)),
  • unzip the template files into a new directory (e.g. /template/german/) in your template directory ,
  • unzip the files in JSPWiki-samplepages_german.zip to a a separate "content" directory (e.g. /jspwiki/content_de/)
  • make the following modifications to your jspwiki.properties file:
    • jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = /jspwiki/content_de/ (path to the sample files)
    • jspwiki.templateDir = german (path to the german template files)
    • jspwiki.frontPage = StartSeite (used as main page in the german sample files)

Template "german"#

This are just the basic template files with translated text, but without any modifications to the layout.

This template complies with JSPWiki v2.0 and has been tested on JSPWiki v2.0.32-beta.

JSPWiki-templates-german.zip(info) (15th march 03)


-- Heinz-Josef L├╝cking 15.03.2003: Thanks for your Work Marc Andre

-- SteffenStundzig 12.07.2004: Is anybody working on template files for the 2.2, currently 2.1.103, JSPWiki release? If so I'm appreciated if I can help.

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