http://rue.homeunix.net:8080/site/Wiki.jsp?page=JSPWikiPlugin (my machine at home, so please don't /. it, thanks ;-)


A simple text-file includer, to insert "fancy html" or reference plain text files in a JSPWiki page (like a Readme.txt ...). Written to get familiar with the plugin mechanism of the JSPWiki and to extend the capabilities of the Wiki a bit.


There is a little bug that arises when using this plugin with JSPWiki under Windows.


[{INSERT TxtFilePlugin WHERE file='http://its:8080/rilwiki/files/file.txt', preserveTxtFormat='true'}] 

Generates this error:

Plugin insertion failed: Damn: http:\its:8080\rilwiki\files\file.txt (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect) 

The file does exist. Adding additional "/" characters does not change the result.

Cheers . . . PaulDownes, 11/3/2003


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