JSPWiki is currenly used by me and my team. I like it very much. Here, I would like ask the exact same question asked by
--Duncan, 18-Sep-2006
on this page again? Is there a way to do it now using JSPWiki 2.8.2? Thanks a lot.
--Jerry April 27, 2009

We're using JSP Wiki on a corp intranet. I'd like to reference a folder on a sharedrive as a hyperlink.
Example: [Folder|file:\\\Public\Client\SOW Folder].

Is there any way to do this?

Is there a way to jump into a named anchor using a link? I have an html page with anchors in them that i'd like to jump into directly from another page. I don't want to refactor the previously big html page into sections at this time. For example, this doesn't work: [a sample|link#anchor]

You can use [Pagename#Headingname] , for example TextFormattingRules#Hyperlinks


But then you can only link to headers right? What if I want to link to a bulleted or numbered item in a list (e.g. a FAQ contents)?


Use footnotes.

Q: How do you show a literal backslash-backslash without it forcing a line break?

A: One way is to use preformatted text i.e. the use of triple {'s and }'s to surround the text.
-- anonymous

A: Same as the next answer: \\. The trick is to not put new lines in the code anywhere near the triple-braces. Of course, you are stuck with inline fixed-width font in this case, but the only situation I can think of that it would be needed is when referring to a windows SMB share, in which case, it would fixed-width is nice for making it stand out.
-- daej 2007-04-18 <-- ISO standard date format =)

A: There's another way (there's always another way), using an entity reference.
-- MurrayAltheim, 2007-04-18

A: Or you can use the tilde (~) to escape/ignore the formatting rules. Like this: \\
-- anonymous, 2008-01-28

Is there a way to have | (pipe) characters in table cells? -- Jawe
You can embed the | (pipe) with preformatted text (triple {'s and }'s to surround the text)

Is there a way to put a variable in a link? [[{$variablename}]|TextFormattingRules] produces [{$variablename}]|TextFormattingRules].
--Rich Miller

So...how do I change the footer text at the bottom onf the page?

If you mean the "Go to top", "Edit this page", "More info...", and "Attach file..." links, they live in PageContent.jsp

Can I customize the text formatting rules? For example, for "!", instead of changing it to h4, I want to change it to span.
-- GerryLau

How can I do something like td colspan="3" in a table??

--Bill Schneider, 20-Mar-2006

It seems the TablePlugin can do that, never tried it thoug... --csauer

Could you tell me what's the utility of the class FlashSplash in the source code ?

--Nicolas COMTAT, 10-Apr-2006

Um. THere is no class FlashSplash. Where did you find it?

-- JanneJalkanen, 10-Apr-2006

Is there a way to customize the rules for the wiki formatting? I'm used to the standard Wikipedia style with equals signs wrapping headers, etc. Is there a plug-in for this?

--Squashua, 17-Apr-2006

Unfortunately, at the moment you would need to write your own MarkupParser, so it would be a non-trivial task. So while it's theoretically possible, you'd need to do quite a lot of work.

-- JanneJalkanen, 17-Apr-2006

How can I underline text (not a link)?

--Jennifer Todd, 28-Jun-2006

Use the %% syntax:

This text is %%(text-decoration:underline)underlined%%.
would look like this:

This text is underlined.

How can I create a code block in a numbered list?? When i use:

  1. this list
  2. has some
  1. this bullet doesn't continue the listnumbering, but restarts at 1

And when I use:

  1. this list
  2. has some code, which is not shown in a code block
  3. the list does continue, but the code isn't shown in a code block

So how can I create a code block in a list, without breaking the list count????

--Duncan, 18-Sep-2006

Not possible at the moment, I'm afraid...

-- JanneJalkanen

Is there a way to IGNORE formatting? For example, I want to put two single quotes next to each other but I don't want it to italicize; I just want two single quotes to appear?

--Squashua Nov-06-2007

Yes. Use the tilde (~) to ignore formatting. For example:

Two single quotes would look like this: ~''

Two single quotes would look like this: ''

Q How can multiple blanks be used without using code blocks ? i want something like that
hello                             there
--jb 2007-11-14
Q For some reason code blocks ({{{}}}) do not seem to be included in searching. Am I doing something wrong that would cause this or is this functioning correctly?
--Bob Coons Feb-05-2008
Q I am searching for a way to define (none heading) anchor points for links from other pages. The reason is I want to refer to a concrete Item of a big Publication list from multiple pages. The idea about that is in the direction how LaTeX/BiBTex dose it.
[Anchor99a] concrete article cite
and on different other wiki pages

text ... [Anchor99a] ... text

If in the moment there is no way to do it perhaps it is an idea for the future?
--Andreas Greve Feb-22-2008

Q How to not inline images? I have some huge drawings, I don't want to have displayed inline. Is there a way without breaking the pages currently relying on the automatic inlining?
--WAP 2010/03/18
Q How to have links open in new windows? -- Don 2010-06-07
Q In a page if I put a non-existing attachment link (like MyPage/unavailable.txt), JSPWiki still turns it into an anchor. How do I tell JSPWiki not to create anchors for unavailable attachment? By the way clicking on the attachment link I get a 404 message (which is fine), but I do not want that attachment to be created as a link at all in the first place.

Is there any reason (that I'm unaware of) for turning even unavailable attachments into links?

Here is a page that demonstrates this http://sandbox.jspwiki.org/Wiki.jsp?page=Testpage

-- Madhusuthanan Seetharam 2010-20-07

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