JSPWiki is currenly used by me and my team. I like it very much. Here, I would like ask the exact same question asked by \\
__--Duncan, 18-Sep-2006__ \\
on this page again? Is there a way to do it now using JSPWiki 2.8.2?  Thanks a lot.\\
--Jerry April 27, 2009

We're using JSP Wiki on a corp intranet. I'd like to reference a folder on a sharedrive as a hyperlink. \\
Example: ~[Folder|file:~\\\Public\Client\SOW Folder]. \\
Is there any way to do this?\\
Is there a way to jump into a named anchor using a link? I have an html page
with anchors in them that i'd like to jump into directly from another page.
I don't want to refactor the previously big html page into sections at this
time. For example, this doesn't work: {{[[a sample|link#anchor]}}

You can use {{{ [Pagename#Headingname] }}}, for example [TextFormattingRules#Hyperlinks]


But then you can only link to headers right?  What if I want to link to a bulleted or numbered item in a list (e.g. a FAQ contents)?


Use footnotes.


Q: How do you show a literal backslash-backslash without it forcing a line break?

A: One way is to use preformatted text i.e. the use of triple {'s and }'s to surround the text. \\
-- anonymous

A: Same as the next answer: {{{\\}}}.  The trick is to not put new lines in the code anywhere near the triple-braces.  Of course, you are stuck with inline fixed-width font in this case, but the only situation I can think of that it would be needed is when referring to a windows SMB share, in which case, it would fixed-width is nice for making it stand out. \\
-- [daej] 2007-04-18 <-- ISO standard date format =)

A: There's another way (there's ''always'' another way), using an [entity reference|EntityReference].\\
-- MurrayAltheim, 2007-04-18

A: Or you can use the tilde (~~) to escape/ignore the formatting rules. Like this: ~\\ \\
-- anonymous, 2008-01-28


Is there a way to have | (pipe) characters in table cells? -- [Jawe]\\
You can embed the | (pipe) with preformatted text (triple {'s and }'s to surround the text)

;Is there a way to put a variable in a link? {{{[[{$variablename}]|TextFormattingRules]}}} produces [[{$variablename}]|TextFormattingRules].:--[Rich Miller|mailto:millerr(at)booksamillion(dot)com]

So...how do I change the footer text at the bottom onf the page?

If you mean the {{{
"Go to top", "Edit this page", "More info...", and  "Attach file..."}}} links, they live in ''~PageContent.jsp''\\--[ChrisCiulla]

Can I customize the text formatting rules?  For example, for "!", instead of changing it to h4, I want to change it to span.\\
-- [GerryLau]


How can I do something like td colspan="3" in a table??

--Bill Schneider, 20-Mar-2006

It seems the [TablePlugin] can do that, never tried it thoug... --[csauer]


Could you tell me what's the utility of the class FlashSplash in the source code ?

--Nicolas COMTAT, 10-Apr-2006

Um.  THere is no class FlashSplash.  Where did you find it?

-- JanneJalkanen, 10-Apr-2006


Is there a way to customize the rules for the wiki formatting?  I'm used to the standard Wikipedia style with equals signs wrapping headers, etc.  Is there a plug-in for this?

--Squashua, 17-Apr-2006

Unfortunately, at the moment you would need to write your own MarkupParser, so it would be a non-trivial task.  So while it's theoretically possible, you'd need to do quite a lot of work.

-- JanneJalkanen, 17-Apr-2006


How can I underline text (not a link)?

--Jennifer Todd, 28-Jun-2006

Use the ~%% syntax:
This text is %%(text-decoration:underline)underlined%%.
would look like this:

This text is %%(text-decoration:underline)underlined%%.


How can I create a code block in a numbered list?? When i use:
#this list
#has some
#this bullet doesn't continue the listnumbering, but restarts at 1

And when I use:
#this list
#has some {{{
code, which is not shown in a code block
#the list does continue, but the code isn't shown in a code block

So how can I create a code block in a list, without breaking the list count????

--Duncan, 18-Sep-2006

Not possible at the moment, I'm afraid...

-- JanneJalkanen
Is there a way to IGNORE formatting?  For example, I want to put two single quotes next to each other but I don't want it to italicize; I just want two single quotes to appear?

--Squashua Nov-06-2007

Yes.  Use the tilde (~~) to ignore formatting.  For example:

Two single quotes would look like this: ~''

Two single quotes would look like this: ~''
__Q__ How can multiple blanks be used [without|] using code blocks ?
i want something like that \\
{{{hello                             there}}}
--jb 2007-11-14
__Q__ For some reason code blocks (~{{{}}}) do not seem to be included in searching. Am I doing something wrong that would cause this or is this functioning correctly? \\
--Bob Coons Feb-05-2008
__Q__  I am searching for a way to define (none heading) anchor points for links from other pages. The reason is I want to refer  to  a concrete Item of a big Publication list from multiple pages. The idea about that is in the direction how ~LaTeX/~BiBTex dose it. \\ 
   Publicationlist: \\
   ~... \\
   ~[Anchor99a] concrete article cite \\
   ~... \\
and on different other wiki pages \\

   text ... ~[Anchor99a] ... text \\

If in the moment there is no way to do it perhaps it is an idea for the future?\\
--Andreas Greve Feb-22-2008
__Q__ How to ''not'' inline images? I have some huge drawings, I don't want to have displayed inline. Is there a way without breaking the pages currently relying on the automatic inlining?\\
--WAP 2010/03/18
__Q__ How to have links open in new windows?
-- Don 2010-06-07
__Q__ In a page if I put a non-existing attachment link (like MyPage/unavailable.txt), JSPWiki still turns it into an anchor. How do I tell JSPWiki not to create anchors for unavailable attachment? By the way clicking on the attachment link I get a 404 message (which is fine), but I do not want that attachment to be created as a link at all in the first place. \\
Is there any reason (that I'm unaware of) for turning even unavailable attachments into links? \\

Here is a page that demonstrates this http://sandbox.jspwiki.org/Wiki.jsp?page=Testpage \\

-- Madhusuthanan Seetharam 2010-20-07