Thomas Cherry#

Java Developer. I also know a bit of CSS and how to make things work on a Mac.


My Ideas for JSPWiki#

Wiki Markup#

My over all goal would be to match what other Wiki engines do as clcose as posible, but only where it makes since to do so. By this I mean that when most of the others are using double and triple ticks for markup, JSPWiki should do the same, but where JSPWiki is strong, like table creation, we should keep things the way they are. Most of my ideas are implemented as a plug in for Very Quick Wiki and can be provided on request (not in a finished state). Follow my html link [up] to my email address.

    1. two ticks for em tag (styled by CSS as italic)
    2. three ticks for strong tag (styled by CSS as bold)
    3. two underlines for underline (styled by CSS not the depricated u tag)
    4. two brackets for links
      1. Link content should stay the same
      2. add support for iframes if link is attached html page. The width is 100% of page, and the height can be part of the tag. example: [200|foo.html]]
    5. ::text:: for center (styled by CSS for the actualy center)
      1. great if I could do !::text:: for h1 and center

For fun, vote [1] for the ideas of mine that you like. Please, one vote per column per person.

Number Yes No
1 1 0
2 1 0
3 1 0
4 1 0
4.1 1 0
4.2 1 0
5 1 0
5.1 1 0

Code changes#

  1. Abstract all Wiki Markup parsing tasks to an interface so people can make changes to the markup with easy.

Idea vote [1]:

Number Yes No
1 1 0

[#1] I included me in the vote count

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