Just been poking around - am currently using UseMod which has been fine, but am also doing a spot of Java development so thought something like this might do nicely...

Latest update: I have installed it and am very impressed. In fact, my only real criticism is regarding the markup that is used, as discussed on the WhyChooseJSPWiki page. I don't personally think that WYSIWYG is worth the effort - entering pages is supposed to be quick and easy, after all! For me, that means simple keyboard shortcuts for most stuff. Each wiki appears to use a somewhat proprietary markup, which makes it hard to cut'n'paste between them. What would be quite neat would be for someone to write a little program that wraps the editor of any public wiki, translating between dialects so that you can edit in the form you want but ends up submitting to the wiki engine in it's required format. Hmmm!

Well, the TikiWiki folks are trying to standardize on a single markup (theirs), but I doubt it's going to fly. I personally would prefer XHTML import (just tick a box next to the "submit" button). --JanneJalkanen

Further update: Well, it worked fine but my rather slow server wasn't overly happy to be running Java as well as everything else. (I use a fanless Mini ITX motherboard in my personal server). So now I am trying out Wakka Wiki. It is written in PHP which I am already using for some intranet applications, and works faster than any other wiki I have tried.

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