TodoEntryPlugin and TodoListPlugin work together to provide a crude way to manage a todo list on the wiki. These plugins are modeled (plagiarized) from Janne's weblog plugin.

These plugins are very much a work in progress. They are very crude. Since the list items are stored as pages, there is no way to delete an item - hey, you get a history for free ;-)

TodoEntryPlugin Syntax:#

[{INSERT com.hurlbert.jspwiki.plugin.TodoEntryPlugin}]

No parameters.#

Using TodoEntryPlugin#

Inserting the TodoEntryPlugin, creates a link that says, "New task" - clicking on this link creates a new page with a name derived from the name of the current page. The derived name of the new page will be CurrentPageName_Task_#, where # is an integer indicating the lowest available positive integer which would create a new page.

For example, if my current page is ScottTodo and I insert the TodoEntryPlugin with:

[{INSERT com.hurlbert.jspwiki.plugin.TodoEntryPlugin}]
The plugin will display, "New Task." If I click "New task," the plugin will create a new page called, "ScottTodo_Task_1." If I save "ScottTodo_Task_1" and go back to the page "ScottTodo" and click "New task" again the page "ScottTodo_Task_2" will be created and so on.

Tasks can be either "undone" or "done." A task is "done" if the page text begins with the "donetext" parameter of TodoListPlugin. The default is the word "done."

One of the nice things about using pages to hold todo items that it gives you a place to keep links, references, quotes, code samples, and attachments that apply to that task. Rather than just getting a line on a list, you get the a full wiki page.

Screenshots and code are on the TodoListPlugin page.

Enjoy - Scott Hurlbert

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