Quick implementation. My part of the code is almost completely free and may be (ab)used by anyone for any purpose, under the 1 restriction that it will not harm anyone and will not harm me in particular. For the parts I stole from the ImageMapPlus plugin, which is actually a way cooler plugin, please read the ImageMapPlus page.

If you have problems with this plugin, please contact me at

  • kloassie@<any regular mail domain>.com
  • user 'kloassie' at <any regular chat messenger>
I may respond slowly, since for personal contact I use different addresses, but you can be sure the message arrived and that I will read it somewhere in the distant future.

Feel free to enhance this plugin whenever you like it

  1. Save TooltipPlugin.jar from the attachments in path/to/your/jspwiki/webapp/WEB-INF/lib/ directory.
  2. Unzip overlib421.zip to path/to/your/jspwiki/webapp/scripts/overlib/ directory.
    1. For more info about overLIB, please consult the ImageMapPlus page.
  3. Add 'org.pinda.quicky.jspwiki.plugin' to the jspwiki.plugin.searchPath in path/to/your/jspwiki/webapp/WEB-INF/jspwiki.properties file.
  4. Restart your webserver.
  1. [{TooltipPlugin link_text|link|tooltip_text|tooltip_title }]
    1. listings (<ul>,<ol>, <li>), tables (<table>,<tr>,<td>,...) and other custom displays in tooltip_text should be defined in plain HTML
    2. if(this feature is undesired by the site admins, please delete the last version of this plugin and please be so kind to notify me at kloassieA126Dcom, so I can create another version without this option, thanks
  2. if the tooltip doesnt show up immediately after adding it in the way described above, please try a refresh of the page.


--Kloassie, 27-Mar-2012

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TooltipPlugin.jar 13.1 kB 2 01-Apr-2012 15:02 Klaas van der Horn version 1.1 - contains sources and classes
TooltipPlugin.java 7.8 kB 1 27-Mar-2012 04:08 Klaas van der Horn This file contains the bit of code I wrote. It relies on ImageMapPlus's classes
overlib421.zip 62.4 kB 1 27-Mar-2012 04:10 Klaas van der Horn
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