!!Top Menu 2 Template

Top-menu style template based on the work by [BaldeepHira] on [TopMenuTemplate]. As with the original, this template displays the menu at the top of the page and provides an alternative to the left hand side menu.  This works well with small number of menus items.

The main point of this new template was to update the [TopMenuTemplate] to incorporate all the features of the newer JSPWiki beta's (it was developed against 2.2.12) over the stable 2.0.52 version.

Other small changes were made to the template to fit in to my personal usages. This like colour scheme, footer bar matching the top, new "go to top" icon, etc.

It's quick, and dirty in places, so use at your own risk. I thought about making a nice clean one, but it seems you __can't__ have a clean template like this with the current JSPWiki. It would be much easier if JSPWiki came with support for top/bottom/left/right arbitary content areas out of the box, but unfortunately I don't have time to do that.

Install instructions in the README.txt in the archive.



!! History

v2.1 (Updated against JSPWiki 2.2.13) - Changed various things (mainly CSS) to make the template more similar to JSPWiki's default. This will make future diff's far easier, and will make it easier to incorporate future changes. This means Baldeep's nice CSS has reverted to the "evolutionry" JSPWiki CSS, but that is needed if we want to try and keep this template up-to-date.