The RecentChangesPlugin is nice if you're interested in changes to an entire wiki-site, but I don't know about you, but I find that I really don't care too much about changes to the SandBox!  Imagine if you could use the QueryPlugin to specify what pages you're interested in, and then specify filter based on the pages last modification date.  The results could be output in the same visual form as the RecentChangesPlugin, but you'd only see changes to those pages you were interested in.

This could be used for group topic's in the wiki, for seeing changes to any pages that have __your__ name on, etc.

Thoughts? --JohnV

Yes, someone was looking for a "changes by user" type of plugin.  I have been thinking of adding blog-type categories via using the SET directive: [[{SET category='thingamalingy'}], but I think it is slightly against the Wiki principle... Linking does have its advantages - not only because ReferenceManager already keeps them ordered.  I don't know yet.


Yeah, I'm not a fan of the {{[[SET category=' '}]}} idea.  I like as much as possible to be true to the original "spirit" of wiki-wiki.  The {{[[{SET alias/redirect}]}} bits are good and okay because they modify the __behavior__ of the wiki, not the content or meanings.  The {{category}} thing crosses the line because it doesn't modify the behaviour, but rather says something about the content.  --JohnV

"changes by user", Hmm, I don't see the connection between this "TopicalRecentChangesPlugin" and that phrase.  Further I cannot image why anyone would find value in seeing "changes by user"?  Is there any more to describe that phrase? --JohnV 

To see only __his__ (or her) modified pages... ;)
That way he can follow the pages he's currently working on... without always updating its {{{MyWatchPage}}}\\


This sounds relatively painless to implement using either the QueryPlugin or the [TagManager|], since with the latter you can query it for the list of pages containing a certain tag. Either could be used as the source of the RecentChangesPlugin rather than the whole wiki. Someone with reasonable programming skills should be able to easily pull this off using tags:  you'd just subclass RecentChangesPlugin with a {{tags}} parameter that would be sent off as a query to the ~TagManager, then use that to create the list of pages. Actually, when I look at {{WikiEngine.getRecentChanges()}} I'd probably insert an altered version of that code rather than calling it from WikiEngine, since the WikiEngine method uses the entire corpus of pages when we've ''already'' got a list from either the QueryPlugin or the ~TagManager. 

I'm willing to help with something like this in about a month (i.e., early September) or earlier if you just want  to ask for advice on the mailing list. 

-- MurrayAltheim

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