Takes its body and translates it into HTML as if it were WikiMarkup.


   Wiki Text




    __This text will be bold, and contains [a hyperlink]__
would output something like this:
<b>This text will be bold, and contains <a href="Wiki.jsp?page="AHyperlink">a hyperlink</a></b>


i guess these "tags" just don't work. The literal tag string appears wherever you put one of them in a wiki doc. Maybe if I searched for another hour or so, I could find some example of the use of a "tag" in a doc source. I give up for now.

--AnonymousCoward, 14-Aug-2010 23:28

Sorry. I was the anonymous coward in the comment above. If there is documentation buried here somewhere that tells how these tags can be used such that they are parsed when the doc is displayed, please give me a hint. Unfortunately, the tag does not even seem to work in the example documented on this page. The tag itself appears, not its value.

In documentation on any "tag" it would be very useful if there were a real example in the doc showing the tag actually working, and/or a reference to other documentation that tells how to use a tag.

I would like to add a link to the bottom of my templates to "Add Comment" which appears to require injecting the current page name.

All examples I have seen where the current page name appears, the source actually has the document name in it, rather than a tag or function that would eliminate the need to redundantly type the page title in each place.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Please be kind. I am an old FlexWiki / WikiTalk administrator and developer, but have no previous exposure to JSPWiki.

--Brian P, 14-Aug-2010 23:41

These are JSP tags, not wiki markup. They are useful only in the context of designing a new WikiTemplate.

--Janne Jalkanen, 15-Aug-2010 18:09

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