This is a more or less simple treeview-plugin. Its (hopefully) designed for easy integration and expansion.

name used for
expanded='yes' start treeview expanded, used only if no cookies are available (Standard is no)
cookies='no' do not use cookies (Standard: yes)
leaf='xyz.gif/png/jpeg' custom leaf-image -> has to be inside template/img directory (Standard: leaf.gif)
expand='xyz.gif...' (Standard: minus.gif)
collapse='xyz.gif...' (Standard: plus.gif)
name='name' identification string for this treeiew (Standard: "treeview")
pagename='yes' append pagename to identification string ? (Standart: no)

Example code:

[{ TreeView expanded='yes' cookies='yes' name='myTree' pagename='yes'

* Menu1
** Link1
* Menu2
** Submenu1
*** Link2
* Menu3
** Link3

Working Sample:

Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin TreeViewPlugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin TreeView

Known Issues#

Currently there is a bug that prevents cookie-data beeing written in IE.
If anyone knows why plz leave me a message. Thanks.

Future plans#

  • Support for inner Plugins like InsertPage
  • Support for IE (when i find out why it breaks - any help appreciated)
  • Support for suffix images for general purposes.

NOTE: Cookies are written via JS, and read ia HTTPRequest.

-- Greets Tim Wieschadlo

Hi Tim, you can do a similar thing in JSPWiki v2.3.x like this:

  1. Menu1
    1. Link1
  2. Menu2
    1. Submenu1
      1. Link2
  3. Menu3
    1. Link3
Click the bullets to see the collapse/uncollapse actions. --DF

Hi DF, it doesn't work if I use BrushedTemplate. -qhuo1

Hi DF, %%collapse has problems in IE. -DH

How about a snapshot of the tree view in action?
Has anyone gotten this tree working in IE?

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