Lists all pages that are referred to, but not yet created.


[{UndefinedPagesPlugin max=400 before='#' after='\n'}]


  • maxwidth=n : Limits the length of the generated links to at most n characters. This should be used to keep the LeftMenu or LeftMenuFooter at a manageable width. Default is to not limit the length at all.
  • show=pages|count : This parameter can have two values, "pages" (the default), and "count". The value "pages" will give you the list containing the pages, the value "count" will give you just the number of pages, not the whole list.

This plugin extends AbstractReferralPlugin and therefore inherits its parameters.


See UndefinedPages.


The most interesting thing to me would be which page tries to link to these undefined pages. I looked at the plugin code but sadly I am unable to write this myself. Does already a contributed plugin exist dealing with this question? -- Gregor Hagedorn - 2005-08-30

I also want this and looked at the code. It looks like it'll be an almost copy and paste situation if I can modify I was able to go around it and use the public API to create the plugin, though; certainly the performance won't be as good as using the private members in inside directly. The important thing is that I think the code works. :) I put the files on ReferringUndefinedPagesPlugin if you're interested. --Jeremy Liu 9-21-2005


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