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Lists all pages that are referred to, but not yet created.


  • maxwidth=n : Limits the length of the generated links to at most n characters. This should used to keep the LeftMenu or LeftMenuFooter at a manageable width. Default is to not limit the length at all.


See UndefinedPages.


The most interesting thing to me would be which page tries to link to these undefined pages. I looked at the plugin code but sadly I am unable to write this myself. Does already a contributed plugin exist dealing with this question? -- Gregor Hagedorn - 2005-08-30

I also looked at the code and it looks like it'll be an almost copy and paste situation if I can modify I was able to go around it and use the public API to create the plugin, though. I put the files on ReferringUndefinedPagesPlugin. Jeremy Liu 9-21-2005


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