Lists all pages that are not currently referred to by any other page, thus meaning they are inaccessible through any other means.


  • maxwidth=n : Limits the length of the generated links to at most n characters. This should used to keep the LeftMenu or LeftMenuFooter at a manageable width. Default is to not limit the length at all.
  • before='*' : This element goes before each generated link. The value is WikiText, and the default is empty.
  • separator=',' : Sets the separator to use between generated links. The value is WikiText, and the default is a nothing (Change to ", " for a horizontal, comma-separated list.)
  • after='\n' : Sets the separator to use after each generated links. The value is WikiText, and the default is a linebreak, which produces a vertical list.
  • include='pagename' : a regular expression of pages to include in this list.
  • exclude='pagename' : a regular expression of pages to exclude from this list.
  • show=pages|count : This parameter can have two values, "pages" (the default), and "count". The value "pages" will give you the list containing the pages, the value "count" will give you just the number of pages, not the whole list.
  • showLastModified=true|false : The showLastModified parameter gives you the last modified date/time of the most recently changed page. It is only valid if show="count", otherwise a PluginException is thrown.

This plugin extends AbstractReferralPlugin and therefore inherits its parameters.



See UnusedPages.


Shows all pages generated by the WeblogEntryPlugin. What about a filter like *_weblog_* to prevent this?


The Unused Page Plugin is listing all of our attachments. Is there some way to stop it from listing them?

--Bill Robfogel, 20-Apr-2007

Well, they are unreferenced. Attachments are treated like pages in that sense. But it might be a good idea to exclude attachments, yes.

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Apr-2007

I'd consider that attachments are referenced by their parent pages. If at some point it's possible for attachments to live apart from their parents (e.g., after a page deletion they still exist) then yes, they should then be listed as unused.

-- MurrayAltheim, 23-Apr-2007

I tried to use an exclude statement and could not get it to work. The attachments are all list on their parent documents. Can you use "exclude='*.odt'" or "'*odt'"?

--Bill Robfogel, 27-Apr-2007

It seems there's no way to exclude attachments... anyone has the solution?

--Claudio, 24-May-2007

Any ideas on how to exclude pages with attachments? I've tried numerous variations - none work.

--Rhonda, 13-Aug-2007

There is no way to do that currently. Could someone please file this in our bug tracker?

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Aug-2007

Bug report submitted:

--Steve W, 30-Aug-2007

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