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Jspwiki and the MVC model #

Our template files provide the "View", the JSPWiki.jar provides the "Model", and the top-level JSPs provide the "Controller". While the top-level JSP files are JSP (provide HTML with Java snippets".), they're actually "the backend code placed upfront" and are essentially treated as "easy- to-deploy servlets".

When upgrading to a new version, *always* assume that he top-level JSP files are incompatible and *must* be upgraded every single time. However, the view files (those under templates/) we try to keep compatible. You may lose functionality if you don't upgrade the template, but in general not even that after the initial stable has been released. There might be bug fixes, though, which is why it is a good idea to upgrade the default template as well. If you want to "freeze" the template, make a copy of the default template, call it "mytemplate" and use that. JSPWiki will then fall back to the default template in case any new JSP files are added.

Upgrading from previous releases of 2.4:#

  • You should be able to just install the JSP files (top-level and the default template), and the set of JAR files.
  • In addition, please check web.xml for any additional definitions that may have been added.

Merge or copy?#

The ReleaseNotes suggest that you make a brand new install and copy your old configuration over it. You should consider merging files and directories instead. Merging is better then copying. A simple copy may cause you to loose any new text or properties that might have been introduced. Assume that $JSPWIKI_HOME denotes the place where the old JSPWiki version is installed. The following configuration files have typically been modified in the old version and need to be merged with the new files:

  • in the $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF directory
    • web.xml
    • jspwiki.policy
    • jspwiki.jaas
    • jspwiki.tld
  • in the $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/lib and $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/classes directories
    • merge your plugin libraries and filter files

Important: #

In JSPWiki 2.3+, JavaCryptographyArchitectureJCAis used. If the jspwiki.jks file is missing, the server won't recognize the JSPWiki.jar file as secured. The JSPWiki.jar file is now signed so this step is crucial; failing to do so will cause the new security checks to fail.

Upgrading from 2.x:

  • Please reinstall in a new directory. Then move your modified templates into the new templates/ -directory. You MUST have the default template in place, else things might not work. If you have modified the default template, please rename your old template to "mymodifications" or something. You must NOT modify the default template anymore.
  • Replace with your old configuration file. It should run unmodified, though you might want to go through the new file to see new options. Most specifically: * jspwiki.baseURL is now mandatory * jspwiki.workDir is a good idea to set * Set, if you don't want JSPWiki to use its own security system. If you do, head over to for further instructions.
  • You can copy your old filters.xml to WEB-INF/classes

Upgrading from earlier installations:

  • Please make a complete reinstall. Your wiki pages will still be compatible, and the configuration for the most part.

From 2.0.x to 2.0.y#

All of the 2.0.x releases should be somewhat compatible with each other, so basically you'll just need to upgrade the files themselves.

  • Copy all of the .jar -files from the distribution into your $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/lib
  • Copy the jspwiki.tld file to $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/
  • Copy all of the main JSP files (Wiki.jsp, Edit.jsp, etc) to $JSPWIKI_HOME/
  • Check out the ReleaseNotes -file for anything else.
I used these same instructions to go from a 2.2.x to 2.2.x. Beware when copying the tld file that you update the new file with any changes you might have made to the old file (i.e. added plugins) --chaworth

From 1.8.x to 2.0.x#

  • Providers now sleep in a different package. You must change your "jspwiki.pageProvider" setting.
  • CachingProvider is no longer set explicitly. You must use the new "jspwiki.usePageCache" property instead.
  • All HTML code should now go into *Template.jsp instead of Wiki.jsp and the other main JSP pages.
  • SystemInfo.jsp is gone. Instead, there is now a page called "SystemInfo".

So, the best way to do the update is to simply save your "", and "web.xml" files to some safe location, DELETE your previous installation, and install it again from scratch. However, after this your templates should be easily modifiable, and you never again have to resort to such drastic measures again... We hope.


Wrong Version#

I did the upgrade from 2.0.45 to 2.0.48 just like this... And it seems that the upgrade took hold (much faster)... But the version still says I'm on .45... any clues? -- MatthewSimpson

The problem is that when you upgrade, the compiled JSP files contain the compiled version of the version number as well... This problem has actually been solved in 2.1. Remove the compiled JSP files. For Tomcat, remove the $TOMCAT_HOME/work/<your web app> directory, or just touch the JSP files using touch(1).

Nobody seems to have any permissions#

Make sure you've copied the Java KeyStore file $JSPWIKI_BUILD_HOME/etc/jspwiki.jks) to the $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF directory on the server. JSPWiki 2.3+ uses the JavaCryptographyArchitecture JCA. Absent the jspwiki.jks file, the server won't recognize the JSPWiki.jar file as secured. -- MurrayAltheim

Search is not working properly#

I upgraded from 2.2.33 to 2.4.71 and a word that can be found in the main page cannot be found by the search function. However, when I modified the main page, the search was able to find it. So it seems like there is some kind of refresh required. How am I able to do that so that I don't have to open and save every page?

Define the working directory to the file and the search will work just fine.

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