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So, you are running an older version of JSPWiki, and have decided to upgrade? Good for you.

Here are some instructions on how to actually do the upgrade as smoothly as possible.

The notation $JSPWIKI_HOME will denote the place where the old JSPWiki version is installed.

From 2.0.x to 2.0.x#

All of the 2.0.x releases should be somewhat compatible with each other, so basically you'll just need to upgrade the files themselves.

  • Copy all of the .jar -files from the distribution into your $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/lib
  • Copy the jspwiki.tld file to $JSPWIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/
  • Copy all of the main JSP files (Wiki.jsp, Edit.jsp, etc) to $JSPWIKI_HOME/
  • Check out the ReleaseNotes -file for anything else.

From 1.8.x to 2.0.x#

  • Providers now sleep in a different package. You must change your "jspwiki.pageProvider" setting.
  • CachingProvider is no longer set explicitly. You must use the new "jspwiki.usePageCache" property instead.
  • All HTML code should now go into *Template.jsp instead of Wiki.jsp and the other main JSP pages.
  • SystemInfo.jsp is gone. Instead, there is now a page called "SystemInfo".

So, the best way to do the update is to simply save your "", and "web.xml" files to some safe location, DELETE your previous installation, and install it again from scratch. However, after this your templates should be easily modifiable, and you never again have to resort to such drastic measures again... We hope.


I did the upgrade from 2.0.45 to 2.0.48 just like this... And it seems that the upgrade took hold (much faster)... But the version still says I'm on .45... any clues? -- MatthewSimpson

Remove the compiled JSP files. For Tomcat, remove the $TOMCAT_HOME/work/<your web app> directory, or just touch the JSP files using touch(1).

The problem is that when you upgrade, the compiled JSP files contain the compiled version of the version number as well... This problem has actually been solved in 2.1.

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