Creates a link to the upload page. See WikiAttachments.

Why would you use this instead of a standard anchor? The UploadLinkTag automatically adds things like the correct class information (for styles), the jspwiki.baseURL property, attachment links, etc.


<wiki:UploadLink page="<page name>" format="anchor|url">
   Link text


Page name to link to. If not set, uses the current page.
If "anchor", creates the full hyperlink (<a href="...">link text</a>); if "url", outputs only the URL.


<wiki:UploadLink>Upload a new attachment</wiki:UploadLink>.


An anonymous poster has repeatedly uploaded a file named laylaipassyahoo.exe. If you can describe what this does and it is relevant to this page we can leave it up, but unknown executables will always be removed from this site and considered as viruses or security issues until known otherwise. -- MurrayAltheim


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