Creates a link to the upload page.  See [WikiAttachments].

Why would you use this instead of a standard anchor?  The UploadLinkTag automatically adds things like the correct class information (for styles), the jspwiki.baseURL property, attachment links, etc.



<wiki:UploadLink page="<page name>" format="anchor|url">
   Link text


;__page__: Page name to link to. If not set, uses the current page.
;__format__: If "anchor", creates the full hyperlink (<a href="...">link text</a>); if "url", outputs only the URL.

<wiki:UploadLink>Upload a new attachment</wiki:UploadLink>.

! Note

An anonymous poster has repeatedly uploaded a file named ''laylaipassyahoo.exe''. If you can describe what this does and it is relevant to this page we can leave it up, but unknown executables will __always__ be removed from this site and considered as viruses or security issues until known otherwise. -- MurrayAltheim



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