This is a page describing how JSPWiki creates/handles URLs. Currently it is intended for developers but will change to a user howto.

Random Facts#

  • JSPWiki's URLs in generated pages are relative in normal circumstances. Only RSS feeds include absolute URLs.
  • Specifying jspwiki.BaseURL and setting jspwiki.referenceStyle to "absolute" you get absolute URLs in generated pages which is necessary if JSPWiki runs behind a reverse proxy (see below).
  • (At least) in 2.3.53, jspwiki.BaseURL along with absolute reference style does not work as expected since a lot of basenames are generated dynamically.
  • ShortURLConstructor and ShortViewURLConstructor use wiki/ as prefix for the page names in generated URLs. Tomcat/Jetty lets requests for these URLs handle by JSPWiki because of web.xml's <servlet-mapping>s (which must be adjusted in case you want to change the prefix from wiki/ to anything else).

Use Cases#

  • a) Standard: JSPWiki run in Tomcat/Jetty. Gets requests for pages such as directly.
  • b) With SSL: May receive requests like that should be handled just like a).
  • c) Behind reverse proxy: JSPWiki behind Apache's mod_proxy, for example. Apache gets requests such as and forwards them to JSPWiki which gets requests for http://localhost:12345/JSPWiki/ . Of course, Apache may also forward to JSPWiki.
  • d) Behind Apache mod_jk/mod_proxy_ajp: Apache gets requests such as and forwards them to JSPWiki. In contrast to the reverse proxy setup, this way the request URL is not changed on the way.

Worst case would be all use cases concurrently. However, probably handling a+b OR c OR d with one configuration should suffice in practice.

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