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I'd like to see some better authentication options. I specifically want to prevent editing by anyone that can't authenticate. I'd also like to see some BASIC/SSL (See Tomcat Realms) authentication methods using the containers security system. I'd also like to have more control over who can edit/access what in the wiki... and even allow the users to control to a small degree the roles that can access the pages they edit.

As a rule requireing login to edit might go against the concept of a wiki in general, however in this case the wiki is for my family only, and I've had problem in the past with porn spam making it onto the wiki (SnipSnap in this case). I've abandoned SnipSnap now because they had trouble releasing stable versions and their snip database wasn't portable (all-round poor development tree) however id did have fairly good user management as Wiki's go.

I am willing to put the effort into developing the capabilities I'm asking for; I use Agile, TDD and Maven for development.

That'd be great. I would download the latest alpha, and rummage through the auth system to see how it works now on a per-page basis. Then someone should write container authentication modules and what-not.

-- JanneJalkanen

If this wiki doesn´t have authentication, does it mean that anyone can change anyhting?

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--wbmorz xafcn, 13-Aug-2006

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