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OSCache can really upgrade your performance. Here's a short HOWTO:

Install OSCache#

Drop the oscache.jar into your WEB_INF/lib directory.

Install the tag libraries and properties#

Drop the oscache.tld and into your WEB_INF/classes directory.

Add the oscache.tld to your template#

Put the following in your PageContent.jsp file (if you're using the default template):

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB_INF/classes/oscache.tld" prefix="oscache" %>

Make JSPWiki use OSCache#

Wrap the InsertPageTag with the oscache:cache tags like this:

<oscache:cache time="60">
      <div class="pagecontent">
      <wiki:InsertPage />

This saves the rendered HTML in memory for 60 seconds. You can use a longer period, if you wish. You can also wrap bigger sections of the page, if you want.

Make JSPWiki flush the OSCache when you edit the pages#

Put the following in your EditTemplate.jsp, somewhere.

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB_INF/classes/oscache.tld" prefix="oscache" %>

<oscache:flush />

That's it!#

Restart JSPWiki and watch those pages fly!


Some plugins (such as the CurrentTimePlugin) will be showing the wrong time, since OSCache will be serving cached versions of the generated HTML.

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