VP-UML seems to be an alternative UML tool. (See http://www.visual-paradigm.com/vpuml if you are interested; we don't take kindly to advertising on JSPWiki pages.) --ebu

VP-UML seems to have a lot of promise. All types of OO documents handled, reverse engineering for those who work with those who adhere to the idiocy of "real programmers don't do docs". Unfortuanately, as of 5/2006, when I check it, the program won't recognize any jre but 1.5 (or above when that comes). So, all of us who are stuck using a "legacy" jre ar SOL (hosed). Solutions: Find an older version of VP-UML, Convince my client (US Govt. - HA! fat chance) to upgrade to 1.5, Move on to another tool, punt.

--Steve Kuchta, 15-May-2006

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