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VersioningFileProvider is a new page provider, meant to replace the RCSFileProvider, which has problems especially with Windows.

It is available from JSPWiki 1.7.0 onwards.

Is JSPWiki flexible enough to allow someone to write their own provider? For example we use perforce or p4 for short (

Thanks --Mark Griffith

Yes, it most certainly should be. See WritingPageProviders.


Is the VersioningFileProvider now workable on Windows?

How do I go about using it / testing it?


It should be quite functional. Just do the following:

  1. Open file in your favorite editor
  2. change the jspwiki.pageProvider property to VersioningFileProvider (the former version of this page called for "com.ecyrd.jspwiki.VersioningFileProvider").
  3. a few lines below you have to set the directory where the VersioningFileProvider stores its files. Just change the property jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir according to the file and directory naming conventions...

Now you should be set (at least for version 2.0.0 alpha).

Moving from RCSFileProvider is a bit more complicated, since it involves you checking out the pages manually and storing them in the OLD directory. Could someone perhaps contribute a short script for this?

BTW, if you can live without your previous version history, just delete the RCS-subdirectory in the JSPWiki page repository, and then change the page provider. All new versions will then go to the VersioningFileProvider directory.

Though in all honesty, I haven't tested it all under Windows. There should be nothing Linux-specific in it, though... :-)


Well the neat thing (I suppose) is that I haven't managed to get the RCSFileProvider to work yet so nothings actually been checked in to the RCS directory yet. Given that though, will the VersioningFileProvider actually work either?


It should - it does not require anything extra. Just set the provider and you're set to go. (Before 1.8.0 you needed to have the RCS diff as well, though.)

The problem with RCSFileProvider is that it requires you to set up RCS, which was always designed as an UNIX tool, and none of the Windows ports have ever tried to integrate to Windows in any clean way. VersioningFileProvider does not have this problem.


I seem to remember a Java port of the CVS client, I wonder if that had a diff client that could be re-used...


Since 1.8.0, we are using an internal Java diff routine, so we now require no other software =).


What do you put as your "# The command for RCS checkin" etc when you are using VersioningFileProvider ?

Commenting them out seems to work.


You don't need the RCS checkin commands at all when you're using VersioningFileProvider. RCS is not used at all in that case.


Is VersioningFileProvider better than RCSFileProvider? Which should I use? I am on a Linux system and RCS is working fine for me, but I just started today with JSPWiki, so it really does not matter about a change...

Will they both be supported in the future?

-- JeremyC

Yes. Both will be supported in the future. My personal preference is for the RCSFileProvider, but we wrote VersioningFileProvider so that people would not need to rely on external programs. Especially for people running on Windows VersioningFileProvider is often the less problematic one.

The real difference between these two is in disk space consumption: RCSFileProvider uses far less disk space. This may be an issue when doing backups and such.


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