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VersioningFileProvider is a new PageProvider, meant to replace the RCSFileProvider, which has problems especially with Windows.

It is available from JSPWiki 1.7.0 onwards.

see also FileProviderComparing, FileProviderMoving

Is the VersioningFileProvider now workable on Windows?

How do I go about using it / testing it?


It should be quite functional. Just do the following:

  1. Open file in your favorite editor
  2. change the jspwiki.pageProvider property to VersioningFileProvider (the former version of this page called for "com.ecyrd.jspwiki.VersioningFileProvider").
  3. a few lines below you have to set the directory where the VersioningFileProvider stores its files. Just change the property jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir according to the file and directory naming conventions...

Now you should be set (at least for version 2.0.0 alpha).

--JanneJalkanen 充电器 面料 读卡器 切割机 深圳印刷 抛丸机 制罐 木工机械 物流设备 吸塑机 毛毡 交通设施 压滤机 铝箔 吹塑机 喷涂 喷涂设备 风水 密封胶 胶粘 吸尘器 消毒柜 货架 展架 印花机 金刚石 陶瓷 钢板 拉链 自动门 自吸泵 容器 软管 温度仪表 仪表 催化剂 化学试剂 胶粘剂 染料 注塑机 造粒机 IP超市计费系统 纺织机械 液位计 插座 体育用品 服务器 继电器 紧固件 制服 健身器材 太阳能热水器 婚纱摄影 包装设计 电话变声器 照排机 餐具 实木地板 手套 防水材料 签证 反光材料 打标机 温湿度计 实验室设备 玻璃器皿 耗材 纸箱 丝印 纳米焊条 升降机 压缩机 手机窃听器 振动筛 空气净化 深圳机票 GK 网络电话卡 VOIP 卫星电视 监视器 机床 电子秤 VOIP网关 板蓝根 电力猫 化工机械 分离设备 粉碎机 仪器 仪表仪器 光学仪器 印刷机 耐火材料 六合彩 深圳机票 视频点播 速递公司 密封件 电动工具 办公家具 热水器 金属丝网 国际货运 报警器 茶叶 热处理设备 建材机械 工程塑料 综合布线 燃烧器 注册英国公司 工业胶带 液压机 过滤器 整流器 逆变器 扬声器 蜂鸣器 显示屏 天线 塑封机 望远镜 机电设备 防盗器 印刷机械 语音网关 ip超市 保健品 消防器材 建筑机械 医疗设备 仓储 voip在线交易中心 电容器 会计师事务所 法律咨询 离心机 触摸屏 条码 工业设计 臭氧 润滑脂 铜制品 石墨 转换器 铁塔 热电偶 刻字机 投影仪 注册美国公司 相框 蜡烛 石材 钢结构 管材 深圳机票 快递 钛白粉 塑料制品 阀门 纯水设备 工艺品 脱毛 净水器 蜂蜜 门禁 瓷砖 电机 耳机 轮胎 电子仪器 汽车配件 光端机 I seem to remember a Java port of the CVS client, I wonder if that had a diff client that could be re-used...


Since 1.8.0, we are using an internal Java diff routine, so we now require no other software =).


Setting a maximum number of versions to store?#

Something that might be useful would be a property that can be set expressing the maximum number of revisions stored. If this value were set to 10, then when the 11th version were added it could automatically delete the first. I suppose the rest of the files could be then renamed (2 to 1, 3, to 2, etc) but I'm not sure I see much need for that. That might reduce some of the administration necessary. I don't see a whole lot of interest with maintaining the ability to go back to the absolute first version of something. I find that being able to back a few to maybe a dozen is sufficient, but YMMV, I suppose.

-- RobSeegel

Nice idea. It would make sense to enable something like that for intranet wikis and so on; on public wikis you really want rollback to any version (to make sure you can get over from WikiGraffiti).

-- JanneJalkanen

When I try to use VersioningFileProvider on my wiki, the system gave me

an error that An unknown exception java.lang.NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp#

Who has idea why it is?

-- Dongsehng

Hi ... even i am having the same problems with it

An unknown exception java.lang.NullPointerException was caught by Error.jsp

does anybody know whats happening??


Arite ... the null pointer exception is now solved... u need to do the following:

1. jspwiki.pageProvider = VersioningFileProvider

2. jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = path where all the wiki pages are... it creates a subdirectory here for storing the older versions...

jspwiki.versioningFileProvider.pageDir = some path

and it works fine for me ...

But can someone tell me if you have managed to get the AntCvsFileProvider running fine with the latest version of JSPwiki?? thanks


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