This JSPWiki Visio plugin allows you to have inline expansion of Microsoft Visio drawings in your wiki pages. It uses the Visio 2003 viewer control of Microsoft.. One of the nice things besides viewing the visio drawing is that you can add hyperlinks to shapes inside a drawing which are also clickable in your browser.
-- DF Oct 04 / Jan 05(small bugfix)

To view the drawing users must have Microsoft Visio Viewer 2003 Control installed.
Warning: This feature will not work for Mozilla or Netscape users.
-- Kevin Oct 04

Does that mean, that its not standardcomplient? --SkakMorten .
Yep, it will only work in an Microsoft environment with IE. --DF

I attached an updated plugin that displays a message such as:
The JSPWiki Visio plugin for attach?page=Test%2FTest.vsd only works with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Visio Viewer 2003 available here.
when browser is not IE or when the Visio Viewer is not installed. The message is between the <object> and </object> tags. I am not sure if replacing attachement is the correct way to do this, but I could not find a way to contact DF -- Georges 2005-05-25
No problem. --DF

There is a long list of control parameters although you mostly will need only a few.


  • src = Visio source. Refers to a Microsoft Visio file, extension .vsd of .vsx. This can either be a full URL (http://..) or a WikiAttachment. name. Required.
    You can open the following Visio file types with Visio Viewer 2003:
    • Visio drawing format (.vsd) saved using Visio 5.0, 2000, 2002, or 2003.
    • Visio XML drawing format (.vdx) saved using Visio 2002 or 2003.
  • height = integer. Force the height of the visio.
  • width = integer. Force the width of the visio.
  • style = style info. Any style markup you would like to apply to the table surrounding the visio.
  • backColor = integer. Sets the background color for the control.
  • alertsEnabled = 0|1. Enables warning or alert dialog boxes to show when an error occurs. Default 1.
  • contextMenuEnabled = 0|1. Enables the context menu to show on right-mouse events. Default 0.
  • gridVisible = 0|1. Displays the grid if the drawing page is visible. Default 0.
  • highQualityRender = 0|1. Toggles high-quality rendering. Default 1.
  • pageColor = integer. Sets the drawing page color.
  • pageVisible = 0|1. Displays the drawing page border. Default 1.
  • pageTabsVisible = 0|1. Displays the page tab at the bottom of the drawing. Default 0.
  • propertyDialogEnabled = 0|1. Enables the Properties & Settings dialog box to show on selection or toolbar events. Default 1.
  • scrollbarsVisible = 0|1. Displays the scroll bars. Default 0.
  • toolbarVisible = 0|1. Displays the toolbar. Default 0.
  • currentPageIndex = integer. Specifies the page displayed when the Visio Viewer opens the drawing. Default 0.
    Use the index of the page you want to display (for example, 1 for Page-1, 2 for Page-2, and so on). If you don't specify a page index or you set the value to 0, the Visio Viewer displays the page that was showing the last time you saved the drawing.
  • zoom = integer. Sets the initial zoom value. Default -1.
    You can specify a zoom percentage as a fraction (for example, 0.5 for 50% and 1.0 for 100%) or use any of the following values.
    • -1 = Whole page view
    • -2 = Page width view
    • -3 = Last zoom percentage

For more details on the parameters, see the Microsoft Visio Viewer 2003 Control


[[{Visio src='SandBox/test.vsd' width='400' height='400' toolbarVisible='1'}]

Shows the attachment SandBox/test.vsd inline expanded.

Installation notes#

Add following entry to your file

jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = brushed.jspwiki.visioplugin

Only use the latest version of the attachements; the first version doesn't work. (Apparently, the Visio control may not be included inside a html table. Undocumented feature of Microsoft ?)

Your client will also need Microsoft Visio Viewer 2003 Control installed to view embedded drawings.

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