Basic manipulation features#

  • Pan by left-dragging background.
  • Rearrange nodes by left-dragging.
  • Shift-Click to Select.
  • Shift-Drag to Window Select

Toolbar based features#

  • Zoom - Zoom in and out.
  • Rotate - Rotates the whole display about the center.
  • Hyperbolic - Controls the amount of hyperbolic distortion on the display. This is the "lensing" effect that makes the center of the display "magnify".

Double-click to Open #

Double-click on a wikipage node and a new browser window open with the double-clicked page automatically shown.

Right-Click on Node#

Opens context sensitive popup menu.
  • Edit Wiki Page
  • Hide Neighbors
  • Hide Node
  • Make Decoration
  • Show Hidden Edges
  • Show Neighbors
  • Toggle Node Pinning

Right-Click On Background#

Opens context sensitive popup menu.
  • Edit Decorations
  • Edit Query
  • Save Image
  • Show Hidden Nodes
  • Toggle Unreferenced

Right-Click on Edge#

Opens context sensitive popup menu.
  • Hide Edge

Simple Name Search#

Try typing a few characters for a rudimentary title (prefix-based) search. A better seach would be interesting if anyone cares to implement it. (Hmmm, it would be cool if the WikiRPCInterface had a means to request a search, especially if the wiki had the Lucene based search engine!)

Tooltip Page Content#

Hover over a wikipage node and the raw wikitext of the page is retrieved and a leading portion of the page text is shown as a tooltip. Very useful if the first sentence or two on the page is a nice description or summary.

Visualization of QueryPlugin results#

This plugin accepts a pages= parameter to feed into an embedded QueryPlugin instance. This allows a subset of the pages in a wiki to be visualized. This greatly reduces the amount of "tangle" that often is evident with a visualization of a wiki.

SOMEDAY: Dynamic Locality-Shifting Display#

The "locality-shifting" feature of the original TouchGraph code is not implemented, right now the entire graph is shown all at once. Adding some concept of "locality radius" would be very cool, but I probably won't do it anytime soon. My needs are not for a dynamically shifting graph of some radius of nodes, but more a visualiztion of everything present with specific diectives applied to it to "condense" the web of the graph into a more "concise" form. That isn't to say tha tlocality-shifting isn't very cool, and that I wouldn't love to see a patch!!! --JohnV

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