This plugin supports a +1 -1 voting scheme.

!!Version 2.1.x and above.

* __none__

I have modified the VotePlugin,you can add any key to the vote,\\ 
the source in the attachment,I'm using jspwiki-2.2.28,\\ 
you can build the VotePlugin,and put it into JSPWiki.jar\\ 
and put the vode.jsp in you webroot.\\ 
enjoy it\\

This page has [{VotePlugin value='yes'}] positive and [{VotePlugin value='no'}] negative votes.

[Vote yes|].
[Vote no|].
The page [VoteOk] is displayed when a vote is submitted.
TODO: How to refer to Vote.jsp without hard-linking to the site?\\
Ans. Very Easy, All I did is I created a interWikiRef with the name Vote in my jspwiki.propertiesfile
jspwiki.interWikiRef.Vote =Vote.jsp?page=%s
Then you can use it on your voting page like this
[Vote yes|Vote:VotePlugin&vote=yes].
[Vote no|Vote:VotePlugin&vote=no].
you are done!!!
Is there any doc on how to use this? I've had requests for
this feature. Is there a way of listing pages by votes?

Note that this is probably not what you want if your site is accessible on the internet: Spiders will follow those "GET" links also and vote (if you want to say so). (OlafKock)
There is no way to reset the votes, since the values are stored as, and there is currently no way of deleting attachments.

It would also be good if users could specify arbitrary voting values, instead of being locked into just "yes" and "no" parameters.

Finally, the most conceptually difficult request, would be a way to screen users so that any ID/IP can only submit one vote. -- CaesarWong (Zzyss)

Take care: Previous comment implies to some people, that you allow only one vote from e.g. -- OlafKock

Note that in 2.2, it is possible to delete attachments.

VotePlugin would need quite a lot of enhancements - it is mostly abandoned now (it was originally designed for a very particular purpose, but I never took it off the distribution).  There would be a need for a wise hacker to take this plugin and polish it :-)

-- JanneJalkanen


Would it not be possible to simply edit and re-attach

#JSPWiki Votes plugin stores its votes here.  Don't modify!
#Fri Mar 24 09:07:05 EET 2006

Since no one is actively maintaining the plugin, shouldn't it be moved out of the core distro?  Or, should it remain for backward compatibility?

%%(text-decoration: line-through) It would be nice to%%  It is nice to have plugin that supports a simple [Apache voting structure|].  

Capturing user names and votes in an audit trail would be very cool.  Maybe use a variation on the weblog idea?  Or insert text for the vote to a page and use the version history of the page as the audit trail?  Just some ideas...

-- EricJohnson


where should we put the
The following dir was automatically created: /VotePlugin-att/
but the votes aren't shown in the website...

--[Adler], 1/5/06



Is there a way to have the vote plugin redirect to the same page rather then the voteok page?


Answer for Mike (06/20/2007): you just have to modify the Vote.jsp source, line 21!

My question/problem: if I'm voting, the plugin won't save the result! Can anyone help me? Which files to I have to attach or what kind of modifications do I have to take care of?

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