WYSIWYG is pronounced wiz-zee-wig. Acronym for ''What You See Is What You Get''.

!! WYSIWYG Editors for JSPWiki

There are two WYSIWYG editors that are currently available for JSPWiki.

* [FCKeditor|HowToManuallyIntegrateFCKEditor] (officially supported) - pages will be edited in html but will converted back to wiki markup prior to saving. Allows the preservation of nearly all JSPWiki markup and features.
* [TinyMCE|TinyMCEIntegrationInstructions] (not officially supported) - pages will be edited and saved in html. This means all wiki markup will be lost upon saving. Other disadvantages are the loss of certain JSPWiki features such as ACL & plugins.

!! Other Editors for JSPWiki (non-WYSIWYG)

* [WikiWizard] (no longer included as of JSPWiki 2.8 due to Apache re-licensing) - Java applet editor. Can be described as a Wikiwyg editor or a [WYSIWYM|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WYSIWYM] editor.
* Javascript-enhanced plain text editors - available in [ContributedTemplate] such as [BrushedTemplate|BrushedTemplateToolbar] and [SmallpieceTemplate2]

!! Comments and Discussion

See also archived discussion pages: [WYSIWYGDiscussion2006], [AdvancedEditingShowcase]