You can write your own PageProviders. Look at WritingPageProviders and contribute them in ContributedProviders

Has anyone written a CVS page provider? #

Funny how you need CVS to get the latest developer JSPWiki yet it supports RCS natively.

We're already using CVS for everything else, it would be great if we could (relatively) easily tie JSPWiki to it, unless this is a dumb question and CVS and RCS are close enough that this will work by default. In that case, why doesn't anyone mention it anywhere?

-- JacobShare

See CVSFileProvider Issues for more information. It is conceivable that you could use RCSFileProvider with a bunch of custom settings, as most of CVS is based on RCS.

-- JanneJalkanen

see also AntCvsFileProvider

Has anyone written a SubversionProvider based on Subversion?

Yes, I did. See SubversionProvider for details.

-- OliverTreichel

Janne has talked repeatedly on the mailing list about moving towards supporting JSR-170 as the backend for JSPWiki, so I've started a page called JSR-170 to begin collating articles, specs, and other information about it. -- MurrayAltheim

I vote to JSR-170 Java Content Repository Provider.

-- Aleksandr A. Sokolov

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