Put here any ideas that you think might be cool to do with respect to JSPWikiTemplates.

A template for mobile devices#

I like JSPWiki. I want a template of JSPWiki for mobile devices. In this way,JSPWiki could become a very useful tool for mobile workers, professions to share knowledge.



I have been working on a mobile version that displays well on the iPhone interface. I don't know if you are asking for a WAP version. --Max @ PSU

Base and Template Pages for Form Based Authentication#

Please consider adding base and template JSPs that can be specified as targets for form based authentication. The Java Servlet Specification standardizes container-managed login forms and parameter names. To implement form-based authentication, we need a login form page and an authentication error page.

I've made a feeble attempt to craft these pages, but its clear I need help. Does it make sense to have left hand navigation links on either page? I think not, but I lack the skill to develop a page that omits them.

Once we have base pages and default templates for each, we can start a campaign to have them added to the contributed templates.

Lance D Bader

Table-less template#

Something that would do layout only with CSS and use no tables.

Update: I've started this effort; see the screenshot. I am going for an entirely CSS-based layout for all pages, if you'd like to help me develop and/or test this template set, please contact me at christiaan at xiaan.com . -Xiaan


It would also be nice to have all JSPWiki pages validate successfuly against the W3C HTML validator. And it would be really, really nice if it would validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict. These might both require changes to more than just templates though (don't know - haven't investigated). -- KellyDenehy

Yup, we're working on this. Slowly, but surely :-). --JanneJalkanen

Me, myself and I wanted a XHTML Strict Wiki badly as well, so I'm glad we're not the only three. I started myself to remove lots of visual markup in the template JSPs but stopped when I realized that there's even some HTML in the JSPWiki JSPs, e.g. TranslatorReader.java within JSPWiki.jar that need to be changed (only minor change here as it seems: lowercase tags/attributes).
Looking forward to getting a clean Wiki soon! --DeBaser

Template & Examples for Multiple Text Areas#

I exchanged some emails with Foster about this. Looks like this is quite doable within the current app. As a JSP newbie, I'm hoping to have a example Edit View (and Preview) templates to hack-up.

The JSPWiki dev team might also wish to consider a templating approach that does not require JSP coding. Perhaps something in a simple XML format, or something akin to the templating approach in VeryQuickWiki (which appears to be broken, just now). If anyone's interested I can explain further...

Also of interest may be my original email(info) question to the users list.

Just a quick comment here, I love this request/question(info). To me this is very much in spirit of wikis. Please be sure to share whatever solutions you find. -- Thanks, ScottHurlbert

I like the architecture of JSPWiki. It uses some nicely defined and implemented custom tags to render the HTML code. It works, it's easy to customize and easy to extend. So it's one of the better examples of a JSP-based application.
Please don't change an existing and working architecture to something else, for instance a template based approach?
It does not get simpler, just because something is coded in XML.

The simplest way to meet the requirements of original_email.txt(info) is to define some structure of headings and subheadings that everyone should use (copy/paste and fill in).
The original mail shows two input fields. A mature solution for this problem usually has much more input fields: authors, stakeholders, priority, estimated effort/time, estimated release, state and many more. And usually some sorted/filtered list and reports are required. Sounds like an issue tracking system with some newsgroup functionality. -- IngoAdler

Template for photo albums, with genealogy features#

Not sure if this is a plugin or template or both... It would be nice to point the wiki to a top level picture directory and have it present thumbnailed albums and pictures which family members can identify/categorize/comment on. Not sure, but maybe the edit page would scan and insert new thumbnails at the bottom? A way to relate people (mother, friend, etc.) to each other (RDF?) and to visualize a tree of such would be cool too.

Good idea. I think it would be fairly easy to code if you wanted to take my SlideShowPlugin and adapt it to read a tree.

If I get a chance I'll look into this because I publish photos by year. Currently, I'm making pages for each set of photos, but it might be better/more conv. to just point to the root for the year and have it list all the pictures below that level.

One thing that concerns me is whether the tree could be built fast enough. I guess if I build it we'll know the slowest time it could take to render. :-) Then I can leave it to others to optimize it. One thing is certain; if it wasn't collapsible it would take forever for the jpgs to show up.

--Scott Hurlbert


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