The following is random discussion of the JSPWiki weblog features. A coherent documentation page will most probably be written once JSPWiki 2.2 approaches release. --ebu

Can anyone give me hints on sensible uses of JSPWiki for a weblog? I'm just starting out at oneeyemen but it's obviously going to need organising soon.

See what LM Orchard is doing to combine Wiki functionality into MovableType weblog engine.

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Aug-2002.

There seems to be a good discussion starting at the Weblog Kitchen.

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Apr-2003

JSPWiki Weblog plugin#

There is now a rudimentary weblog plugin in JSPWiki 1.9.21. The plugin has been enhanced somewhat in 2.0 and will be enhanced now that I'm running my own weblog. --JanneJalkanen

You can use the weblog by inserting these two lines on the end of the page:

[{INSERT WeblogPlugin days=180}]
[{INSERT WeblogEntryPlugin}]

--SteveKwee, 09-Sept-2002

Yes. You will also want to exclude the weblog entry pages from PageIndex, by using

[{INSERT IndexPlugin exclude='*blogentry*'}] 

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Jan-2003

What pattern could you use to exclude '*_blogentry_*' and '*_comments_*'??? --JohnV

Um. I'll have to think about that when I officially release commenting functionality :-). --JanneJalkanen, 15-Apr-2003

There is a solution for this problem at BugReport date 2003/06/04. --RomeoDisca

Shouldn't the "Referenced by" on the page for an individual Weblog entry show the page that the entries are displayed on? i.e. SandBox-030103-1 "Referenced by" Sandbox.

--Unknown Contributor

Yes, but at the moment plugins do not have very good access to the ReferenceManager. You will notice this in every case when a plugin inserts a link on a page.

This is certainly something that would need a bit more work.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Jan-2003.


Do you have any interest in publishing your "ButtUgly" web log? I think it would be useful to those of us running JSPWikis. As we become more familiar with the code, it's easier and easier to maintain, so a blog build on JSPWiki is perfect. (In any case, I could call mine LazyBlog as stealing your butt ugly would save me the effort of making my own templates <g>.) Thoughts?

--Scott Hurlbert, Valentines Day 2003

Oh, you mean the templates and such? Yeah, you can get them if you want them, no worries. Just drop me some email... Or perhaps I should put it in ContributedTemplate?


I think this would be a valid ContributedTemplate, it shows how the wiki can become something quite different very easily.


But it's... so butt ugly. :-)


I'm trying to use JSPWiki as both a Wiki and a Weblog, but I want to do so for multiple users, each of whom have their own Blog, with edit permissions only to them. Is this possible with the current JSPWiki Weblog Plugin, or do the Permalinks remain editable by anyone? Thanks!


Alas, no. You can probably do it with creative use of Apache mod_rewrite, but currently there is no facility within JSPWiki to do that. I have something slated for 2.4, though, i.e. SubPages.

-- JanneJalkanen

Ah, thanks.


Weblog Comments#

In order for the comment functionality to work, you have to use the current CVS version.

Multiple feeds#

Again, you need the CVS version. Each page has then its own RSS feed at rss.jsp?page=<blogname>.

Thank you, I didn't know rss was linked by the "?page=".

But then can you tell me if there is a way for the link in the leftMenu to point to the current blog page instead of pointing only to the Main rss feeds.

It's about the same problem I'm asking about the calendar being always set to one blog page even if I'm viewing another blog (see ideasCalendarTag

--FrancoisParlant 26.08.2003

Comment link disappeared#

Sorry to bother you again. I just changed from v2.0.49 to v2.0.56cvs.

When I insert the weblog plugin, I'got the blogs, the by (author name), the permalink, but the comment link is missing. Can you tell me how to repair this?


Do you have the "allowComments" parameter set to "true"? The default behavior was changed, because in 2.1, there is a fully-fledged comment system on its own.

-- JanneJalkanen

[{INSERT WeblogPlugin WHERE allowComments=true}]
[{INSERT WeblogEntryPlugin}]
FrancoisParlant Thks Janne

A title for blog entries#


I'was wondering if in a few versions, the weblog would be able to give a meaningful title in addition to the Main_blogentry_DDMMyy name. It would be useful for the referring, search, indexing, and rss. In all thoses cases we end up with a list of dates, a bit scary. As I hope some people other from Janne would like to create some plugins to achieve this, I wanted to ask if there already was an idea of how we will do this.

As all my entries are in xml, I can only suggest something: insert a tag inside each entry :

<dc:title>My Title</dc:title>

It could also be changed as a <jw:title> to remind of JspWiki

Or just to think for people working on more than one language, the standard for rss building is (I think).

   <rdf:Alt>          <!-- to start a list of alternatives -->
     <rdf:li xml:lang="fr">Mon titre en français</rdf:li>
     <rdf:li xml:lang="en">My title in english</rdf:li>
     <rdf:li xml:lang="   No idea for finnish  </rdf:li>

I guess the final idea is totally different from this, that's why I dare asking ... I just want to start writing my entries in a way nearer to what is coming up.

--FrancoisParlant 03-sept-2003

JeremySproat 27 Mar 2004: I wonder, could the blog entry issue be solved with a plugin? A plugin that extracts the first line of a WikiPage could conceivably be used to put the title in the browser window titlebar. I'm already playing around with a first line plugin that displays blog entries like WeblogPlugin, but shows the first line as the link text rather than the page name.

JeremySproat 28 Mar 2004: I have a proof-of-concept for a first-line referring pages plugin working at my wiki. Looking at, say, the "Art" weblog category, you can see how the links use the "titles" from the entries rather than the page names. I really like the idea of extracting the page metadata from the page text rather than from foreign syntax embedded into the page. A drawback to this, of course, is that an author would need to maintain a more formal structure in their pages, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. As to whether it conforms to the Wiki Way, I dunno...but I like it.

27 March 2004: Should the date format be yyyyMMdd instead of ddMMyy?#

It makes sense to me to make the weblog date format yyyyMMdd instead of ddMMyy, since it would make the entry page names lexicographically sortable. Otherwise, a simple sort on blog entries would place 05-May-2004 before 25-April-2003.

I've made changes to the code on my wiki, I've included annotated diffs there.

-- JeremySproat

Well, yeah. I made the mistake originally, but I think I have to live with this now (I don't want to break anyone's permalinks). JSPWiki 2.4 will use subpages for weblog entries, and I will change the naming there.

-- JanneJalkanen


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