I used WebSphere Studio Application Developer to create an .ear file so that I could deploy JSPWiki to WebSphere Application Server v5.1 through the admin console as an .ear. It was actually quite simple to do, and anyone could easily accomplish the same thing, but just in case anyone might be interested, I thought I would go ahead and post the .ear file here.

While I was in Studio playing around with this, I decided to rip off the images and .css from the WebSphere Application Server admin console and create a "WebSphere" template, just for grins. I didn't spend a lot of time on this, and there are probably a few things that don't work quite right (I didn't test every feature), but I included it in the .ear just the same. Here's a quick screen shot:


If you are interested in looking at the steps that I had to go through to create this .ear file in WebSphere 5.1, you can get the details in this article.

-- Jeff Chilton

In the same spirit, I have developed instructions for using the WebSphere 4.x Application Assembly Tool (AAT) to assemble JSPWiki into a WebSphere Enterprise Archive (EAR), and for installing a JSPWiki EAR. These instructions are suitable for a WebSphere novice, but may not be suitable for a production deployment.

-- Lance D Bader

See Implemenation with Websphere Application Server 6.0.25

--AnonymousCoward, 13-Dec-2007

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