Creates a list of all weblog entries on a monthly basis.

!!Version ''todo'' and above.
[{INSERT WeblogArchivePlugin}] 
* __{{page}}__ - 

!!CSS classes
* __{{weblogarchive}}__


[[{INSERT WeblogArchivePlugin}]

Could someone clarify the usage??

[Jawe]: Just insert it on a page where a WeblogPlugin resides and you get a clickable list of months which contain weblog entries. If the WeblogPlugin is on another page, use the ''page'' parameter.

Q: Can you show an example of using the page parameter?  I'm getting: Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin WeblogArchivePlugin and I'm using a stock install of 2.0.52.  Thanks!

A: This is expected behavior as the [WeblogArchivePlugin] appeared with release 2.1.86-alpha, see also [News2003]. --[Christian Buchegger]