Weblog Category Plugin
Enhanced of WeblogPlugin,allows you to include the all weblog entries of the given categories in one page.

To install WeblogCategoryPlugin using the binary distribution(info):

  1. Put the binary distribution(info) under WEB-INF/lib
  2. Restart JSPWiki


[{WeblogCategoryPlugin category='General;Java' maxEntries=10 days=5 allowComments='true'}]


  • category
category list,if not set,it will list all weblog category entries(the days and maxEntries param will limited the list size).
The category separator is ';',see the Example above.
  • days
  • maxEntries
  • allowComments
These three parameters are same as WeblogPlugin's parameters,please see the WeblogPlugin for detail.
the 'page' parameter is disabled in WeblogCategoryPlugin.

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