Builds a simple weblog.

!! Version ''todo'' and above.

* __{{page}}__ - which page is used to do the blog; default is the current page.
* __{{days}}__ - how many days the weblog aggregator should show.  If set to "all", shows all pages.
* __{{pageformat}}__ - What the entry pages should look like.  The pageformat can use the {{%p}} for the current page name
* __{{startDate}}__ - Date when to start.  Format is "ddMMyy";
* __{{maxEntries}}__ - How many entries to show at most.

The "days" and "startDate" can also be sent in HTTP parameters, and the names are "weblog.days" and "weblog.startDate", respectively.

!! Example
[{INSERT WeblogPlugin}]

!! Example Blog Page

Here's an example blog or "News" page showing both the entry and display plugins in use:
[{WeblogEntryPlugin entrytext='Create a new entry.'}] Note that if your entry starts with 
a heading it will be used as the title (e.g., "! My Title").


[{WeblogPlugin days='90' allowComments='true'}]

!! Questions

And how do I write the blog??
To me it seems that one should also add [[{INSERT WeblogEntryPlugin}] to the same page to get the ''New entry'' button. Is there a localized version?

;:A: Yes, you'll have to add the WeblogEntryPlugin, not necessarily on the same page, though. It has a page parameter to refer to a Weblog on another page. The only localization you can do is use the entrytext parameter. -- [Jawe]

;:A: Please consider that the parameter {{page}} is a feature of the newer 2.1 release of JSPWiki. In the current stable 2.0.52 release, the parameter {{page}} doesn't work. -- SteffenStundzig 

;:A: Note, that the current version 2.1.103a does not support {{page}} in WeblogEntryPlugin. page is always encoded as {{engine.encodeName(weblogName)}} which is in turn {{context.getPage().getName()}} - see, line 83 -- [OlafKock]

Q: My blog entries seem to be dissappearing after a few days whatever the days parameter is set to. I've tried the default 180, and all. I want all the entries to stay forever. Any ideas? -- Chris Harris

;:A: IIRC you'll also have to add {{days=all}} --[Jawe]

Q: I would like to know how to use the __{{pageformat}}__  parameter. Thanks. -- ilmazozz

Indeed, how to use this feature? Whatever I do the output stays same. -- juhnu

A: Quick answer: pageformat defines the way the weblog page title is formatted (i.e. Main_blogentry_ddMMYY_N)

Q: Blog entries are never shown. Files are created correctly but then nothing is displayed. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Can anyone shed a light here plz? Thnx. --ncorreia

;:Q:i am also having the same problem, any help will be apreaciated. - Chris

A: One way is to set the 'days' parameter to 'all.'

A: You need to use the WeblogPlugin to display the pages created by the WeblogEntryPlugin. If the WeblogEntryPlugin is on a different page, then set you must set the page attribute of the WeblogPlugin to that page.

Q: Is it possible to show only a __part__ of the blog-entries... for example just the first 5 lines or something else?  -- MartinU :o)  Thanks!

A: Unfortunately not, you would need to modify the WeblogPlugin. -- JanneJalkanen

Q: Can you create separate pages pointing to the same blog content?  I'd like to have a page with days='all' and another with days='7'.

A: Yes, that should work fine.



How do you edit a blog entry? (sorry if that's a dumb question ;) )

--Dorothy Valiga, 10-Jun-2009 00:15

Answer: You follow the permalink at the bottom of the entry.

-- Keith W