West Miami in da hizouse!#

Hi there, I live in west Miami right now in, of course, the United States of America. I hear that some people quibble on the topic of whether it's proper to refer to ourselves as Americans. After all, they argue, are not Canadians--Americans as well? And what of Mexicans, and the many republic states of South America, don't they count? Well gents and lasses, I'm here to reinforce your stereotypes! We 'yanks' as you love to call us, are egotistical! That's right. We are the only true Americans! LOL Bother. I am simply joking. Relax fellow citizenry! Some historian out there, help me out. Was not the United States the first country to make a successful go of a government and nation on this foreign shore? We will not talk about the Native Americans, because we all know that America was not a term taken upon by the so called Indians. It was a name hoisted upon them without their concent. So, as far as the term American goes, well the United States really has a market on that term. Does it really matter? Why, no, of course not. You know it, and I know it. So let us live together in harmony!

Are you curious about Miami?

Don't worry mates, I don't think Miami is all it's cracked up to be. We don't all do it "Big Willy" style, over here.

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