Having used Matt Raible's [Red Man Template] as a starting point, I have done some
(fairly extensive!) refactoring of the css stylesheet to make it more logical and (hopefully) easier to edit.  I particularly wanted to avoid images, and focussed on creating something clean and functional.


There are some inconsistencies, and some downright horrible misfeatures, but some of these things are happening in the jsps or Java code elsewhere.  For Example, I would like to get rid of the white margins inside tables, but this is being added outside of the CSS.

Ideally (IMVHO) all these graphic elements should be specifiable within the CSS without having to drop to the JSP templates. I have not had the time to investigate more fully, yet,
and don't wish to expend too much effort on this version (2.0.52) until I  can investigate what's happening on the CVS head.

Feedback to MikeMorris at __mike.morris__ (at) __cocosoft__ (dot) __co__ (dot) __za__.
The CSS is attached as [jspwiki-iwiki.css]

Yet another afterthought:  I have only tested this in Mozilla, so feedback
from IE/Opera users especially welcomed!

''It looks OK in IE 6, although the original Red Man fonts look __much__ better. (I like your colour scheme better, though.)''

How do you use this?  Apply the attached stylesheet over a red-man install?  I'll try it and remark here. --JohnV