The What's New plugin lists the latest changes to the wiki as a simple unordered list.

Wiki pages are listed only once, their names are compressed to fit into a small commentbox.

The plugin uses the following parameters:

  • since the number of days changes are listed for, default is 365 days
  • entries the maximum number of entries listed, default is 16
  • width the maximum character width used for the links, default is 64
  • suffix optional string value on which to separate page suffixes, for example suffix='_' suppresses blog entries while listing the main blog page

A possible usage of the plugin is presenting a commentbox on the main page listing the latest changes.

__What's New?__\\
[{WhatsNewPlugin entries=5 width=20}]

The wiki code above results in a box like:


The source is attached(info) to this page.

-- Andre van Dalen

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