I've made changed to LeftMenu.jsp to include the HideMenu feature. But LeftMenu doesn't ever seem to change, even when restarting the server. Any ideas on how make it recompile?

Depends on the server. On Tomcat, you have to make sure that your reloadable attribute set to true for your context if you want Tomcat to automatically detect changes. Or you can just delete the $TOMCAT_HOME/work/ directory and restart.

On other servers, it's hard to say.

-- JanneJalkanen

Most containers automaticly recompile toplevel jsps. But they don't recompile when includes change LeftMenu.jsp is staticly included, so touch (change modification time) of top level jsps.

in linux terms this would mean:
"cd" to your webapp dir (e.g: JSPWiki, where WEB-INF resides)
$ touch *.jsp

Opening and resaving would also do the trick.

Deleting the content of work directory is also an option.


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