(all parameters of the 'Category'-plugin, plus:)
  [import=type1,type2,...] (possible import type handlers, as configured in jspwiki.properties)
  [export=type1,type2,...] (possible export type handlers, as configured in jspwiki.properties)
  [io=type1,type2,...] (sets both import and export type handlers)
  [categoryMarker='text with link to category-page'] (page-footer for import/exportm marking the page as a member of its category)
  [usePageLinks] (use outgoing links from page, instead of category member. Useful e.g. for exporting from legacy-pseudo-categories and later create a new category)
  [zipAttachments="yes"] (enable zip file import/export which may include attachments, this may cause memory-overflows on the server, so use with care)

See also the CategoryPlugin.

The WikiArchivePlugin is part of the CategoryAndArchiveExtensions. See there for a detailed explanation.

-- JensGulden

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