PERT == Program Evaluation and Review Technique
Can a wiki be used to capture the typical project planning?  Any interest out there in discussion?

The following represents some half formed thoughts...
* The page name is the activity name
* Estimates exist as page attributes...
** Optimistic=1w 
** Nominal=2w 
** Pessimistic=4w
** ''computed'' Expected=(O + 4N + P)/6

A page must only talk about it's required inputs (dependencies) i.e. it's predecessors.  It must __not__ talk about it's successors in any direct fashion.

Predecessors & Successors can be listed/summarized using [QueryPlugin] functionality.

Partial PERT diagrams can be shown in-wiki based on queries and transforming results into [GraphVizPlugin] syntax for display (imap=true is great here)...

An set of TAG's to indicate that a page is to be considered part of the PERT scope...  PROJECT tags are probably a very good idea here too...

A WikiForm for the initial creation of pages (ease initial data entry).

Plugins needed:
* PertData - Sets arbitrary attributes to be used by the pert (resource, progress, risk, value, etc).  Just prettied up sanity check syntax around [[{SET attrib=value}] directives.
* PertEstimates - Takes in estimate data and computes the Expected, may use a heuristic to "pad" a single point estimate to the required 3 point estimate) saves values much as PertData would (just a syntax sugar/helper).
* PertSummary - Output a table summarizing the relevant data for a single PERT-ITEM
* PertDiagram - Query the linked PERT-ITEMs generate GraphViz syntax and create a abbreviated pert graph.

Very important that the PERT data in-wiki not be viewed as a replacement for traditional project management tools (MS-Project etc). So...

* PertExport - Query all PERT-ITEM + PROJECT tagged pages, generate a TAB/CSV plaintext list suitable for copy+paste into MS-Project.  Must generate the predecessor "task numbers" for all items to preserve linkages between 'tasks'.  This could be useful to 'dump' to MS-Project for 'analysis' or 'better' charting.  Also preserves the work investment should use of the wiki fall into disfavor for project management purposes...


Thoughts anyone?  I have need to develop a schedule for a 10 internal + 3 external project that is likely to be 8-12mo long...  I __hate__ the MS-Project mindset...  I'm looking for an alternative means...  Wiki As PERT seems doable...  Anyone have any other ideas?  Or interest in playing with this concept?  --[JohnV]