Wiki Categories are conceptual groupings for organising the contents of a Wiki.

Each page in a wiki site may belong to one or more Wiki categories.

In order to mark a page for inclusion to a special category, just link to the category page from the bottom of the page. As an example, consider a page describing an interesting idea you want to organize under an "Ideas" category:

...(content of an example page)


Back to [Category Ideas]

The benefit of this linking is that others may follow your link to the Category Ideas page, and once there, can see all pages referring to Category Ideas with the referring pages plugin. Please be verbose with your category link; Back to ... or More ... helps navigating pages more than just a link hanging at the end of a page.

If you want to create more categories, feel free to do so. Just create a link to [Category YourNewCategory].

If each CategoryPage, itself, links to WikiCategory (this page), we can use the referring pages plugin again to list existing categories, and avoid editing this page everytime a new category is added. Yay for minimum maintenance.

Existing Categories#

Category Documentation
Category Homepage
Category Ideas
Category Jsp Site
Category Official Documentation
Category Patches
Category Style
Category Templates
Category Tips
Category Wiki Applications

Alternative Approach#

See CategoryAndArchiveExtensions for a different, more elaborated yet monolithic, approach for handling categories and also archives with import/export functionality.

-- JensGulden, 2007-05-16


Q: How could I modify the code in order to classify different categories ?? and also put an article in more than one category?

A: You can have as many categories you like, just add a link to that particular category.

Q: I'm trying to list all categories with [{ReferringPagesPlugin include='Category*'}] however this works in this page if, for instance, I put this in the SandBox it doesn't work. --Adler 03/05/2006

A: It works perfectly, you just need to include "page=WikiCategory"; otherwise it will only find the pages that are referring to the SandBox...

Q: Can any page at all be a category? Or does it have to be named "CategoryXYZ"?

A: Yes

Q: include='Category*' simply doesnt work. It also is entirely undocumented. All I get when I put ReferringPagesPlugin include='Category*' on a page is '...nobody'? Despite having many pages called Category Foo, Category Bar, etc. Please help!

--Jaimie Boey, 14-Oct-2011 09:41

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