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It would be nice to be able to save the Wiki page without quitting the editor. Saving often helps avoid concurrency related problems and data loss due to a crashing browser. The current "Save" button could be renamed to "Save&Quit", and this new behavior would have its own "Save" button.
--wipu (22.10.2001)

Quick note: During the existence of this Wiki we've had exactly ONE concurrency problem according to the logs :-). And you can always use whatever editor you fancy for editing - I for myself don't like to edit long documents in this textarea. Way too restrictive.

But let's put that into consideration. It should be trivial to implement (just edit Edit.jsp to stay on the same page instead of redirecting to Wiki.jsp)... Besides, if you really want it, you have the source code. Feel free to experiment on your own. =)


Can't comment on the above; Konqueror's editor has, so far, been superbly stable and usable - as far as editor fields go.
Which brings me to this: would it make sense to have a tiny little (java) client that does the equivalent of a POST to a locally edited file? Something like this:

   > wikicheckin WikiEditing.txt
   Submitting file...
   No conflicts. File updated.

What I'm aiming at, of course, is to be able to use emacs to edit the longer pages. Search and replace are too nifty. (Granted, we're getting away from KISSing here.) --ebu

I'm sorry - I don't understand. Exactly what's wrong with editing your stuff in Emacs, then using cut and paste? It's faster and more convinient than saving your stuff, then going through a file dialog box and then hitting submit.

I always edit my code examples in Emacs, then just select all, go to the editor window and paste. Very quick and painless, and I've never had any problems. Definitely KISS.

Besides, a submit system would require checking the incoming text against binary stuff, different coding systems, etc...


Um. Yes. My stupid. I blame tiredness. --ebu

JeremyC: I like the idea. The reason I like the idea is for automated stuff. Maybe for the automated stuff it wouldn't be necessary to check into RCS though. I noticed that you can just place a .txt file in the pages directory and you can then use it in JSPWiki wheter it's in RCS or not.

For long pages I have been using the mozex extension with FireFox; it automates the chore of moving the text area content to an Emacs buffer and back. --NascifAbousalhNeto

Section Editing#

I think section editing would greatly enhance the wiki editing experience. See the Section editing example from Wiki Media. It's an amazingly simple solution but it allows the page to be edited in bite-sized chunks. The edit link at the top allows you to edit the whole thing. -JoshM

Check out BrushedTemplateEditSections. It has one solution (though not yet integrated). -- JanneJalkanen

I am going to add a page called MigratingFromMediaWiki, but I don't know where to put it, so I'll put it here. --ChuckSmith

I have a problem with creating new links. Let's say in Main page I create a testpage1 testpage2 testpage3 links and save it. Next on Main page I click on testpage2 and create a page and save it. I go back to Main page the testpage2 is still displayed in red color with dotted lines underneath indicating a new page to be created. In main page this doesnot go away unless I edit the main page and save it and view it again or I restart tomcat instance. Any help would be appreciated. If this is not the right place to post this question...direct me. Thanks.

--Roopa., 22-May-2007

Your problem is probably that you're not hitting refresh, and you're still getting the old page from the browser cache...

-- JanneJalkanen

It is a good sample and good tutorial.


--Richard Y

--AnonymousCoward, 16-Jan-2008

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