!Discussion about editing Wiki pages

It would be nice to be able to save the Wiki page without quitting the editor. Saving often helps avoid concurrency related problems and data loss due to a crashing browser. The current "Save" button could be renamed to "Save&Quit", and this new behavior would have its own "Save" button.\\
--[wipu] (22.10.2001) 

Can't comment on the above; Konqueror's editor has, so far, been superbly stable and usable - as far as editor fields go.\\
Which brings me to this: would it make sense to have a tiny little (java) client that does the equivalent of a POST to a locally edited file? Something like this:
   > wikicheckin WikiEditing.txt
   Submitting file...
   No conflicts. File updated.
What I'm aiming at, of course, is to be able to use emacs to edit the longer files. (Granted, we're getting away from KISSing here.)