WikiEventUtils is a utility class that adds some JSPWiki-specific functionality to the WikiEventManager (which is really a general-purpose event manager).

It currently contains only one method:

  public static void addWikiEventListener(
          Object client,
          int type,
          WikiEventListener listener )
This is a convenience method that adds a WikiEventListener to the appropriate component of the provided client Object, to listen for events of the provided type. For example, if provided a WikiEngine as the client with a type indicating a WikiPageEvent that is normally fired by the PageManager, will attach the listener to the PageManager.

If the type value is valid but does not match any WikiEvent type known to this method, this will just attach the listener to the client Object. This may mean that the Object never fires events of the desired type; type-to-client matching is left to you to guarantee.

Most event types expect a WikiEngine as the client, with the rest attaching the listener directly to the supplied source object; see the javadocs for more details.

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