The Wiki Forms plugin lets you build a simple HTML form on a WikiPage, and handle its posted data with a WikiPlugin. This can be useful if you wish to use your wiki as an interface for custom tasks. If we can make the plugin usable and safe enough, it could even help write JSPWiki administration GUI's.

See WikiFormsExample for some bare bones documentation.

For JSPWiki pre-2.1.127...#

The forms source archive is attached. It contains a nice little WikiPage you can put under your own page repository for a quick demonstration of the plugin syntax. (The file size is fairly large, since it ended up including the dependency JARs in it.)

For JSPWiki post-2.1.127...#

Most of this (family of) plugin(s) have now been integrated into JSPWiki proper, the SubmitBugReport page uses it.

The McKessonApsWikiPlugins has added a FormDebugHandler, perhaps it could be added to the stock JSPWiki distro?

For JSPWiki post 2.2.0#

This feature is now included in the JSPWiki distribution, though syntax differs.


Does anyone have a complete list and explanation of all the syntax that can be used in the Wiki Forms Plugin? I would like to get a copy. Thank you! Bill Robfogel

--Bill Robfogel, 06-Apr-2007

Have you checked ?

--JanneJalkanen, 07-Apr-2007

I encountered following problem with WikiForms:

  1. I have created a form with several radio buttons (with different values)
  2. I select one option, post the form and get back the expected result
  3. In the response the form is again visible

now the problem arises with the fact that even though all radio buttons are visible with the corresponding name, all option values are set to the one that was selected for the first post. This leaves the form un-usable for further interactions. At the moment to be able to choose a different (radio) option the complete page needs to be reloaded.

--Joachim Zaisberger, 20-Aug-2007

Does any one knows how to get input value in text box in a variable. I want to use that in form open stmt . In below code $var must contain value entered in textbox hellotext.

[{FormOpen form='sprform' hide='onsuccess' method='post' submit='http://someurl?n=[{$var}]'}]
input  [{FormInput type='text' name='hellotext'}]

[{FormInput type='submit' value='Submit, please' name='submit'}]

Open Questions about FormSet

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