I want to allow all users of my website to be able to create their own personal home page (that you can access from any wikis in the site). Each person visits several team(wikis). The current logon/preferences item on the left menu puts users under each wiki. Instead of having several copies of a home page under multiple wikis, I want to create a separate

page for each user - so that the User Preferences .jsp checks for and (if exists) is a link to the foobar.com/Users

I already have LDAP authentication working, so I don't need the standard logon box. I want to put this link/check in place of that login box.

How can I make a modification to UserPreferences.jsp so that this type of link is always shown on the left menu of all the wikis under mysite? (and they all reference Users instead of the current wiki?)

Right now I have one wiki per team. Teams come and go, and I don't want the users to loose their home pages when this happens. As wikis come and go, and people sometimes belong to several groups. I want the Users wiki to be a permenant place where all users go to find their own home page. Is there a way to do that? Thanks a bunch!
Don Rota

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