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(This is a placeholder until a Wiki Metadata API specification is posted. -- MurrayAltheim)

Quoting Janne Jalkanen <>: [...] [Hide Quoted Text] It needs a proper metadata API... I don't particularly want to introduce anything new that would break anyway soon.

However, there are quite a few people over on this list who *are* interested in proper metadata stuff. I'd recommend that you kick off a task force to write up a requirements list (this is the same way as auth got implemented: Andrew wrote a really good requirements list, and I gave him direct CVS access to write the code, too ;-)

Murray or someone else, if you're willing to lead this task force, that'd be great. Or, if someone wants to start to maintain 2.4. and make it a stable, I can lead the effort, too... ;-)

Hi Janne,

Certainly I'm willing to lead this if I'm not stepping on anyone's toes doing so. As I mentioned to you privately, I'll be adding a metadata functionality to my implementation regardless of whether it ends up back in the JSPWiki codebase, but I'm happy to share it as well.

My requirements are fairly straightforward:

  1. be able to store basic Dublin Core metadata of the type commonly stored in HTML/XHTML <meta> elements as per the DCMI specification ''Expressing Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements''. This includes both DC and qualified DC using standardized identifiers.
  2. The metadata schema should be independent of the WikiPageProvider, in that it should be easy to implement for providers that can "natively" store the metadata along with the page, but there is to be no requirement on how the binding or storage between the page and the metadata is handled on a per-provider basis (i.e., we leave the details up to the developer of each provider)
  3. While the basis of the metadata should be the DC schema (since that is the most common worldwide standard and is suitable for what a wiki page might need), the metadata provider should be extensible so that other schemas or appropriately-namespaced metadata properties can be stored using either simple name-value pairs, or within an XML element containing the metadata, with appropriate namespace labelling.

Any other requirements people have, please send them into the thread and I'll collect them together onto a wiki page.

I have a basic implementation that does #1 and #2, and my needs for #3 are not very high right now, so I'd likely not spend much time on it, though I'd be very happy to have input on it once I get going on writing this up.

As Janne knows, I've almost finished a new XNodeProvider, which is a WikiPageProvider implementation based on the XNode API I developed for my Ceryle project, basically an XML backend that has per-document metadata. I'll be writing up both the spec for XNode, publishing the javadoc API, and releasing an open source implementation within the next month, sooner if I can get help from someone on posting it to SourceForge.

Co-workers on the metadata API are most welcome.



A few key parameters:

I'm not really worried at this stage that much about implementation, or even API, but what is clearly needed is a design of the repository structure. Things like:

"All page content shall be stored as wiki:text -properties under the respective Node"

"A Node shall represent a wikipage or an attachment"

"The xxx:type property shall define the MIME-type of the object. Wikipages shall be stored as application/x-jspwiki".

"The path to a wikipage consists of WikiFarm name, then the direct path name. E.g. /MyFarm/MyPage. There shall always be one Farm, called "Main".

You know, that sort of stuff. That's what's critical at this stage...

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Jun-2007

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