WikiNames are traditionally written using InterCapping, also known as CamelCase (starting with uppercase letter, and at least another uppercase letter in the wiki link word). This makes the creation of internal hyperlinks really easy.

However, in this WikiWiki the links are written using the [link] notation, as the original InterCapping style of linking is occasionally confusing. The names still conform to the WikiWiki standard, if you look at the URL at the top.

(2.4 and previous versions only): Names are crushed, i.e. [This is a link] becomes [ThisIsALink]. However, underscores and dots are retained, so you can have a link like this: [This_is_a_link], or [This.Is.A.Link]. All non-alphanumeric characters except for '_' and '.' are removed (that is, all characters that are not letters or numbers), so that [John's page] becomes [JohnsPage]. This allows you to type normal sentences which are then turned into links, like when talking about Wiki etiquette.

(2.6 and onwards). Spaces are also allowed in WikiNames.

Avoid using WikiNames which begin with numbers. The InsertPage plugin does not work with pages with names having numeric prefixes.

A WikiName can not be a number. Numeric names are used for footnotes.

Is this "no numbered WikiNames" still up to date?

I tested my personal wiki with Things Like "2006" and "2007" and they are treated as normal WikiPages.

Can someone figure this out?

--Johannes, 03-Aug-2007

We don't prevent you from making a page which has all numbers in its name. Unfortunately, trying to link to it may be a bit complicated.

--JanneJalkanen, 05-Aug-2007

Well, I'm interested in getting more involved in JSPWiki, as i think its great. Is there any real issue with numbered names? I didn't find a not working link and i cannot imagine how to create one.

--Johannes, 07-Aug-2007

The issue is that a link with a number creates a footnote link. Therefore you can't have page names which are fully numbers because it'll break the footnotes...

--JanneJalkanen, 07-Aug-2007

Why not prevent setting Wiki Names with numbers in them altogether? The current default to the IP address is also causing me trouble with users not realising that they need to change it when they create a profile.

--JasonYip, 29-Aug-2007

Isn't this page out of date? Didn't you allow other characters in the 2.6 release? - Matt L. 2008-01-24

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